Which Cabinet Handle Should You Pick?

When a kitchen remodelling is concerned, cabinet handles are often at the very bottom of the list. However, kitchen handles on cabinets can make or break the look of the kitchen. It’s important not just to pick the right style but also the right colour that matches your overall look without scrimping on practicality. Here are 5 types of kitchen handles for cabinets you can explore:

Kitchen Handles Style #1: Pull-out Handles

Straightforward or ornate, these can give you the type of look that you desire

Pull-out handles do what they say on the tin. If you are looking for a kitchen handles modern design, this is the perfect option for you. They can be as straightforward or as ornate as you like them to be. Unpretentious variants are basic stainless steel ones, while the more decorative ones can be sleek if being fitted into a modern kitchen or bulky if ornate. The pros of these handles are that they’re easy to use and fit in with almost any kitchen cabinetry style. However, they’re not a great pick for vintage-style kitchens and the positioning of these matters as ill-placed handles may hamper their practicality.

Price range: ₹450 onwards